Summer Science Experiments in the Sierra!

Physical Science Camp is tailor made for campers 9 to 12 year olds. This new Summer ‘24 offering will encourage participants to consider concepts related to matter and energy in a manner that will excite the spirit and engage the mind.

In the laboratory environment, campers will consider and grapple with big concepts that relate to the states of matter as well as the fundamentals of the Mechanical and Gas Laws. Principles (laws) like: Newton’s Laws of Motion, Conservation Laws, Thermodynamic Laws, Bernoulli’s Principle and more form the backbone of our understanding of the physical universe. From everyday phenomena like the motion of vehicles to the behavior of planets, stars, and galaxies, and even the fundamental workings of atoms and particles.

To ensure the best possible summer experience, Tahoe Summer Camps science offerings are instructed by seasoned teachers, in particular DC Larrabee (see bio below!), who have a wealth of experience creating and delivering curriculum and practicum that will captivate and inspire every child enrolled in the program.

Camp Details

Ages: Designed for girls and boys from 9 to 12 years old.

Gender: Girls and Boys.

Days / Times: Monday thru Thursday, 9:00am – 3:00pm daily, 4 days of science experiments! Two weeks offered.

  • Physical Science Camp Week #1 runs July 22nd – 25th
  • Physical Science Camp Week #2 runs July 29th – August 1st

Where: Participants will meet each morning at Tahoe Expedition Academy’s 42 acre Martis Valley campus, located at 9765 Shaffer Mill Rd. Truckee, CA 96161

What to Bring:  Backpack, sunscreen applied, lunch & snacks, sunglasses, water bottle, closed-toed shoes and hat.

Capacity: 16 participants 

Experiments: Examples include dry ice bombs, filling bubbles with different gases and then igniting them to investigate their properties and other combustion reactions to see how each generates pressure & experiments that investigate the mechanical laws, variables and force.

Camp Price: $545.00




For over two decades, DC has dedicated himself to advancing educational practices in the United States, with a particular focus on science instruction. His graduate work centered on the development of innovative science teaching methods for elementary students.

To put his theories into practice, DC partnered with UC Davis and the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, leading to the creation of the “Science Expo,” an annual hands-on science event in the Tahoe Basin that has inspired thousands of public school students. This event highlights the importance of mindfully designed learning environments for intellectual development and academic success.

In 2010, DC co-founded Tahoe Expedition Academy to aggressively pursue his vision of promoting equitable educational opportunities for all, regardless of their background, and to take classroom learning into the real world to support youth while they build knowledge, character through adventure based opportunities and the process of constructive adversity. 

In 2015, DC collaborated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver to explore the impact of informal adventure-based learning and the effects of poverty and affluence on cognitive development. DC served as the Director of BGCMD’s residential program for marginalized inner-city youth, ages 8-13, from 2015-2021. 

Looking ahead, DC remains committed to advancing developmentally appropriate educational models for the broader teaching and learning community. His belief in the sacred relationship between the teacher-student drives him to engage in professional education practices centered on the principle that ‘We are at our best while we are in the service of others.


Physical Science Camp #1

07/22/2024 - 07/25/2024
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Physical Science Camp #2

07/29/2024 - 08/01/2024
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